15 Golden Rules For a Happy Life as Expounded By #Huskies

15 Golden Rules For a Happy Life as Expounded By #Huskies

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The Siberian Husky is super-charismatic among all the dog breeds. They are free spirited and are usually very playful, athletic, agile, and good-natured towards everyone.

If you own a husky and you often find it’s missing from your yard, you have to know this: He might have escaped in search of adventure, bounces and jumps, romping and playing all day long.

A husky might definitely be the right choice for you!

But above all else, huskies are hands-down the most loyal and smart dogs you’ll ever encounter. They see pulling sleds — and thus serving people — as their life’s purpose. We at Dosed collected the below unique pearls of wisdom from these truly adorable creatures. Read on…

Rule #1: Be spontaneous and always play hard to get   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-0

Rule #2: If you want to get a yummy treat, go with the Batman eye contact   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-1

Rule #3: Never hide your real emotions   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-2

Rule #4: Stay focused and alert   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-3

Rule #5: Remember: charisma is your second name   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-4

Rule #6: Huskies never panic. There’s always a way out   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-5

Rule #7: Your gorgeous nose is the first thing your owner should see in the morning   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-6

Rule #8: Never ditch a friend who needs you after a long day’s work   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-7

Rule #9: Always make yourself comfortable   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-8

Rule #10: Nver forget to take your rewards   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-9

Rule #11: Never skip fun water games   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-10

Rule #12: Act like you own the place   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-11

Rule #13: Never listen to naysayers   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-12

Rule #14: Stay away from bullies   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-13

Rule #15: Dance like nobody’s watching   15-golden-rules-for-happy-life-expounded-by-huskies-14

Follow these golden rules by the Huskies and your life will never be the same again!

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