15 Real Mini #Horses Which Rank Higher Than Anything on Cute-o-Meter!

15 Real Mini #Horses Which Rank Higher Than Anything on Cute-o-Meter!

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They just grow 86 centimetres in height but you can’t resist their cuteness!

They are much more friendly and gregarious than their larger cousins. These are miniature horses.

Though they are best kept in the countryside, it will be super cute to have them in the living rooms as well! Seriously, can anyone resist such cuteness?!

1. Just look at this little beauty!   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-0

2. Two tiny tots, at rest.   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-1

3. Best of friends.   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-2

4. This fellow looks like he’s just jumped straight off a toy shelf!   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-3

5. Spot the difference between these two…   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-4

6. She’ll definitely love him forever.   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-5

7. Guarding his best friend while he’s asleep.   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-6

8. (Miniature) beauty in motion!   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-7

9. This must be the cutest photo ever taken!   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-8

10. Oh, forget about the whole argument!   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-9

11. This little darling was rescued by veterinary workers.   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-10

12. A proud owner.   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-11

13. Look at this one’s impressive mane!   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-12

14. Want to chat?   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-13

15. A horsey that can sleep in your lap — how cool is that?!   15-real-mini-horses-which-rank-higher-than-anything-on-cute-o-meter-14

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