17 Spoiled Dogs Whose Beds Are More Awesome Than Yours

17 Spoiled Dogs Whose Beds Are More Awesome Than Yours

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Any dog owner knows that the pooch is family. And you they deserve nothing but the best. However, some of these owners took that statement a little too far with these lavish doggie beds that are perfect for any posh pup. For the matter of the fact some of these beds are more awesome than what some of us have at homes.

1. The princess bed   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-0

This is repurposed from an old table.

2. The doggy throne   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-9

3. For the posh pup   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-10

4. The coolest bed ever   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-11

5. The trailer bed   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-12

6. The fully loaded doggy cabinet   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-13

7. The people bed for the pup   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-14

8. The pizza bed for the doggy   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-15

9. The comfy pooch dreaming of Paris   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-16

10. The wine barrel bed   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-1

11. The leggy bed   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-2

12. The pup in a TV!   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-3

13. The doggy bunker bed   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-4

14. The DMW bed (forget BMW)   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-5

15. Possibly the most spoiled dog bed on this list, this Marie Antoinette bed is ridiculously awesome   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-6

16. This ‘Norte Palais Doghouse’ is worth $3,400!   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-7

This dog’s bed is actually nicer than my entire apartment.

17. You know, this is the most spoiled dog bed in the world.   17-dogs-whose-beds-are-more-awesome-than-yours-8

This Hello Kitty dog bed (irony) is embellished with over 7500 crystals, and is worth $31, 660.

Which is the most suitable bed for your doggy?
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