19 Invasive #Pets Who Refuse to Leave the Side of Their Owners

19 Invasive #Pets Who Refuse to Leave the Side of Their Owners

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It is heart warming to see some pets can’t bear to spend even a minute without their human friends. They feel missing them even when they’re in the same room while they’re busy with something else! Very interesting!

After looking at the photos below, we at Dosed would like to tell this: don’t forget about your pets. They don’t need much, and you can use some quality pet time every once in a while yourself. But if you do get caught up in work again, they’ll just have to remind you about what’s really important. And they’ll stop at nothing…

There is nothing as fabulous as me!   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-0

Today you are all mine   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-1

Never mind, I will wait here   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-2

Enough reading, now read my face!   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-3

I love him as much as I like to   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-4

It’s already 5 minutes, how long you need?   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-5

Work can wait…   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-6

Forgot password?   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-7

How to take this damn thing off?   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-8

Where are we going?   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-9

Do you mind if I take a quick nap?   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-10

I don’t want to stay alone at home   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-11

Will you ever realize that I am so much better than your games?!   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-12

Hey, Look I am here!   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-13

Do you think I have no eyes? Just tell me where you are heading…   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-14

Well, I did knock!   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-15

Do your thing, I will just lay casual   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-16

Hey. Hey. Hey! Whatcha reading?   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-17

I just can’t live without you   19-invasive-pets-who-refuse-to-leave-the-side-of-their-owners-18

Please don’t leave your pets alone for long. They really miss you!

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