It Takes A Sec or Two To Figure Them Out, But That's What Nature Intended

It Takes A Sec or Two To Figure Them Out, But That’s What Nature Intended

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Imagine yourself at the bottom of the food chain. How do you save yourself from the predators? Stay low, hide and live as long as possible.
Below are the unique species that blend so well with the surroundings and make it difficult to spot them. This is how nature intended their survival. After all it is the survival of the fittest.

1. Trying to pull a fast one on me, little twig?   amazing-camouflage-photos-0

2. This one anticipates the leaves dying. There’s something inexplicably creepy about that.   amazing-camouflage-photos-1

3. Couldn’t look more like lichen if he tried.   amazing-camouflage-photos-2

4. Another twiggy trickster!   amazing-camouflage-photos-3

5. Wait for it…wait for it…   amazing-camouflage-photos-4

Take your own time to find it out!

6. This isn’t fair simply because it’s so close up. Give the guy some context to work with!   amazing-camouflage-photos-5

7. Where the critter ends and the tree begins?   amazing-camouflage-photos-6

8. OMG! He blends so well!   amazing-camouflage-photos-7

9. This takes some time, even for a spy   amazing-camouflage-photos-8

10. Is that a croak I hear?   amazing-camouflage-photos-9

11. Hey! Either the lizard or the stump has to go home and change   amazing-camouflage-photos-10

12. Can you see that guy here?   amazing-camouflage-photos-11

13. Okay, scorpion fish, you win: you’re beautiful and I can hardly see you.   amazing-camouflage-photos-12

14. We get it, you guys are good at what you do!   amazing-camouflage-photos-13

15. This is why I don’t like the beach   amazing-camouflage-photos-14

16. They’re everywhere…   amazing-camouflage-photos-15

17. Touché, you winged sneak. Have you considered a career in the CIA?   amazing-camouflage-photos-16

18. To be fair, it’d be hard to find just about anything in these dried reeds. Dropped your wallet on a walk? Might as well call the credit card company right now.   amazing-camouflage-photos-17

19. Okay, crabs. ENOUGH!   amazing-camouflage-photos-18

Vow. That’s amazing. Nature is more smarter and providing than we can think of. Just imagine how many critters you had seen without even knowing it.
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