Motherly Dog That Adopted Orphaned Possums Will Thrill You Forever!

Motherly Dog That Adopted Orphaned Possums Will Thrill You Forever!

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4 Possums were orphaned when a dog killed their mother. These possums were so tiny, they didn’t even open their eyes. The chances of their survival looked grim!

That’s when Pretinha, a dog, came to their rescue. She adopted these orphaned possums, nursed them and looking after them like a mother.

She even gave them piggy-back rides! “It’s very nice to see all the care that she has with them, licking them all the time and nestling them,” says the owner of Pretinha.

Meet Pretinha, the happy joey mom   dog-adopts-orphan-possums-and-raises-them-0

These little critters were orphaned when their mother was attacked by a dog   dog-adopts-orphan-possums-and-raises-them-1

Their chances of survival were slim until Pretinha stepped in   dog-adopts-orphan-possums-and-raises-them-2


Soon, the joeys regained their strength…   dog-adopts-orphan-possums-and-raises-them-5

…and even started going for piggy-back rides!    dog-adopts-orphan-possums-and-raises-them-5

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