The World's Most Dog-Friendly Company Is Changing How People Work At Office

The World’s Most Dog-Friendly Company Is Changing How People Work At Office

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If you have a dog it is inevitable that you leave your four-legged friend from 9 AM to 5 PM, or as long as you are at work. But this company will make you feel jealous of its employees.

A Massachusetts pet-product company called Kurgo is hands down, the world’s most dog-friendly company! Started by brother-duo, Kitter and Gordie Spater in 2003, Kurgo has all of 22 employees and sells all dog-related products – leashes, pet toys, water bowls, backpacks, and much more.

Their office is literally the mother of all kennels. Let’s see why.

1. Kurgo is spread across 4000 square feet spacious   worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-0

2. The employees bring their pets, play with them, eat with them and then play more   worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-1

3. The fake grass in the cubicles for the dogs to roll on their backs and chew the toys  worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-2

4. The chairs are specially designed to allow people to sit down with their pets and pat them for being good at work   worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-3

5. It’s literally a dog paradise on earth!   worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-4

6. This looks more like a play area than office   worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-5

7. And a hanging canoe!!!   worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-6

8. Hunger pangs no more!   worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-7

9. A whole lot of love   worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-8

10. A whole lot of sunshine   worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-9

11. That’s a dream job…   worlds-most-dog-friendly-office-changing-how-we-work-at-office-10

Are you thinking of job change already? I am sure you are. All the best!
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