They Look Like Christmas Trees, But They Are Not What They Look Like!

They Look Like Christmas Trees, But They Are Not What They Look Like!

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The ocean is one of the main attractions in human lives all around the world. There are a large number of animals in the oceans.

These things look like Cristmas trees, but they are actually marine worms that live in oceans. A marine species with the magic beauty. Are you shocked?

Known to marine biologists as Spirobranchus giganteus, Christmas Tree Worms are species of tube-building polychaete worms belonging to the Serpulidae family. They’re called Christmas Tree Worms because they look like Christmas trees with the wonderful beauty make a shining ocean.

Now, don’t burden yourself with the scientific vocabulary. Just see and enjoy the beauty of these life forms.

1   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-0

2   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-1

3   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-2

4   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-3

5   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-4

6   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-5

7   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-6

8   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-7

9   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-8

10   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-9

11   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-10

12   the-marine-worms-that-look-like-christmas-trees-11

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