This Adorable Two-Legged Kitty Cat Is An Inspiration To Us All. No Doubt!

This Adorable Two-Legged Kitty Cat Is An Inspiration To Us All. No Doubt!

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We as a human species had adapted ourselves to the changing circumstances. Personally each one of us had faced difficult situations and survived and still adapting to ever changing dynamics of life. But when you’re unlike the majority of the population in any way, you’re bound to face adversity in one way or another, and the grace with which you deal with those hurdles says a lot about your character.

That rule applies to animals too. Here is one special kitty, which was born with two little nubs for her front legs, and after being surrendered when she was just a baby, she’s grown into a teen as rowdy as any other!

This is Roux, aka Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux.   two-legged-kitty-is-inspiration-0

Like any other kitty, except she gets around using only her two back feet.

Roux is just as curious as any four-legged cat, as demonstrated by these dresser-drawer sits.   two-legged-kitty-is-inspiration-1

You might be wondering how this cute, fuzzy, little t-rex gets around…   two-legged-kitty-is-inspiration-2

She’s learnt how to sit back on her hind legs — like a kangaroo — for better balance. When she wants to go super fast, she hops around like a bunny. That’s super adapting to circumstances.

These creative ways of getting around make it super easy for her to play with her two older sisters. She even tosses her favorite toys around with her mouth.   two-legged-kitty-is-inspiration-3

But now that you know all about her current life, you’re probably curious how she came to be this way…

It’s most likely caused by transverse terminal hemimelia. Her bones in her front legs stopped growing after the femur.   two-legged-kitty-is-inspiration-4

It also caused her to have a cute little bobtail!

The only reason she was surrendered was because she didn’t bury her business in the litter box…   two-legged-kitty-is-inspiration-5

But not for lack of trying! Those little nubs just can’t reach. Other than that one tiny setback…

Her doctors say that she’s not in any pain…   two-legged-kitty-is-inspiration-6

But since the cat doesn’t move around like other cats, she may run into some joint problems as she gets older.

For now she is healthy and kicking…   two-legged-kitty-is-inspiration-7

Those nubs in action…   two-legged-kitty-is-inspiration-8

Can you honestly tell that this isn’t the most inspiring cat you’ve ever seen?   two-legged-kitty-is-inspiration-9

It is our tendency that we cringe upon every single problem we get to face? Just think if all these problems are as challenging as not having limbs? Get inspired and get going.

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