This Cardinal Is So Beautiful. But You Wouldn't Believe The Mystery It's Hiding

This Cardinal Is So Beautiful. But You Wouldn’t Believe The Mystery It’s Hiding

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Nature is so awesome beyond our imaginations. Dr. Larry Ammann, a professor at UT Dallas, saw something in his back yard in 2011. He saw what appeared to be a female cardinal at his feeder. Then the bird turned around and it looked like a male cardinal. The female cardinals have a brown coloring and males have a red coloring. What Dr. Ammann saw was both male and female. Shocking?

Being a professor, Ammann did his research and figured out why the bird appeared to be half male, half female. It turns out that the bird was a bilateral gynandromorph, which is an animal that has both male and female characteristics, usually split down the middle of the body. The change is caused by a genetic mistake before birth.

The Male Version   genetic-mutation-in-bird-0

The Female Version   genetic-mutation-in-bird-1

The Male and Female Side By Side   genetic-mutation-in-bird-2

This cardinal is extra majestic with the coloring.   genetic-mutation-in-bird-3

This Bird Also Made an Appearance on Jeopardy   genetic-mutation-in-bird-4



Sadly This Bird Was Not Seen for 2 Years   genetic-mutation-in-bird-7

It Was Spotted in February 2013 Again. Luckily   genetic-mutation-in-bird-8

Now This Mystery Bird Is A Regular Visitor   genetic-mutation-in-bird-9

Isn’t this amazing that a single species could be both male and female? Did you ever encounter such awesome things? Please post them on

Dr. Ammann
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