This Leaf Monkey Kid Is Extremely Rare And He Will Melt Your Heart

This Leaf Monkey Kid Is Extremely Rare And He Will Melt Your Heart

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Oh my God. He is orange, he is so cute and his looks are striking in the black arms of his mother.

Pack your senses to be transported to this Taronga zoo in Australian. The extremely cute kid you are seeing belong to leaf monkey species. This species is under extreme threat of extinction and Taronga zoo is the only place where they are protected and sustained.

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The leaf monkey, named Nangua, was found in his mother’s black-haired arms on November 7 by zoo staff   rare-leaf-monkey-Nangua-1

The rare species’ infants are born with orange hair so the other adults can identify the new-born   rare-leaf-monkey-Nangua-2

Nangua’s name was inspired by the Mandarin word for pumpkin   rare-leaf-monkey-Nangua-3

He is also being pampered by the fellow female Langur monkeys at the zoo   rare-leaf-monkey-Nangua-4

Taronga Zoo is the only zoo in Australia to house a population of the rare monkeys   rare-leaf-monkey-Nangua-5

Pumpkin is the new member in the zoo   rare-leaf-monkey-Nangua-6

He’s still quite wobbly on his legs, but his head control is very strong and he’s gripping and climbing well   rare-leaf-monkey-Nangua-7

The colour distinction helps the group of rare monkeys identify new-born babies   rare-leaf-monkey-Nangua-0

Noel carries Nangua 50 percent of the time as it is common for the rare species to allow other females help raise the baby and they can been seen passing him around, taking turns caring for him, Ms Marshall said.

‘Meili has shown her calmness and experience since the birth, cradling and protecting the baby, but also allowing Noel and Elke to get close to him,’ Ms Marshall said. ‘This gives mum a break to eat and rest, but as soon as the baby whimpers she races straight back over to him.’

Meili previously gave birth to another son in 2011 named Tam Dao but it is the first child for his father Bobo, who arrived at the zoo in 2010. ‘Bobo is a little bit overwhelmed, but he’s doing really well. He’s protective of Meili and he’ll even let the baby climb onto him. I saw the baby climb up over his head the other day and he wasn’t worried at all,’ Ms Marshall said.
Nangua is now also beginning to explore the zoo’s rainforest trail, entertaining visitors.
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