What Was God Thinking When He Created These Animals?

What Was God Thinking When He Created These Animals?

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Do you believe that God created the living beings on our planet? I guess it’s irrelevant to enjoy the below animal puns.

1   what-god-was-thinking-when-he-created-these-animals?-0

2   what-god-was-thinking-when-he-created-these-animals?-1

3   what-god-was-thinking-when-he-created-these-animals?-2

4   what-god-was-thinking-when-he-created-these-animals?-3

5   what-god-was-thinking-when-he-created-these-animals?-4

6   what-god-was-thinking-when-he-created-these-animals?-5

7   what-god-was-thinking-when-he-created-these-animals?-6

8   what-god-was-thinking-when-he-created-these-animals?-7

9   what-god-was-thinking-when-he-created-these-animals?-8

10   what-god-was-thinking-when-he-created-these-animals?-9

Which one do you like most?

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