15 Satirical Images on Evolution of Everything Human!

15 Satirical Images on Evolution of Everything Human!

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This could be a tribute to Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.

Evolution can take many forms and not all of them are better. With all the technological evolution, did we get better or worse? Have we advanced technology, or become enslaved by it? Here are 15 satires on our evolution, you decide where we are going.

1. Evolution in a nutshell   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-0

2. Evolution of our handsets   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-7

3. The underwear evolution   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-8

4. This could be the nearest future   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-9

5. This is how we evolved the God   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-10

6. The evolution of the parasite   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-11

7. Another direction of human evolution   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-12

8. Evolution of our consciousness   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-13

9. Nuclear evolution   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-14

10. Evolution of a photographer   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-1

11. Evolution of writing   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-2

12. Lego’s evolution   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-3

13. The next phase of evolution   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-4

14. The homersapien   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-5

15. Evolution of communication   15-satirical-images-on-evolution-of-everything-human-6

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