7 Images That Are So Psychedelic That When You Look At Them You Are Being Hypnotized.

7 Images That Are So Psychedelic That When You Look At Them You Are Being Hypnotized.

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You might have read or have a first-hand experience of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of mind where you access your subconscious mind directly. It is science you got to learn formally.

But hypnotic states occur naturally. When you are fully engrossed in something, you are in a state of hypnosis. There are many things that can grab your attention for a longer periods of time. And art can have the same effect; especially psychedelic art.

Multimedia artist Lala Abaddon created these images with the latest technology and they are definitely going to covertly hypnotize you.

For her Woven Works series, Abaddon combines digital overlays with pixilated photographs to serve as multifaceted meditations on the role of humanity in the digital sphere (and vice versa).   mesmerizing-art-0


As she explains to the Creators Project, “I treat the photographic process the same as weaving — it’s a sacred ritual and I use a repetitive process on more of my final images.”   mesmerizing-art-2

Her 33mm Macro Paintings series explores the roles of light and color in digital media.   mesmerizing-art-3


The inspiration behind the artist’s multimedia approach is simple.   mesmerizing-art-5

“It’s only through the use of many different practices that I think my voice can be heard,” she says, “be it visually, spatially, or metaphysically. Everything ties into one another and I think that is the impetus of my work.”   mesmerizing-art-6

Now… slowly open your eyes. Very good. How are you feeling now?

All images from Lala Abaddon
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