8 Occasions In Which You Should Say "Thank You" Instead of "I'm Sorry"

8 Occasions In Which You Should Say “Thank You” Instead of “I’m Sorry”

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The word “Sorry” is used senselessly that whenever it is used, it automatically implies that you did something stupid and another person is gracefully accepting your stupidity.

New York-based artist Yao Xiao takes this a step further in her comics, where she suggests that you say “thank you” instead. The Internet is full of empty promises and terrible art, but this idea is worth paying attention to; see how using “thank you” instead of “sorry” plays out below.

Yao Xiao was born in China but now lives in New York. Many of her comics are autobiographical, and she describes herself as an “enthusiast for queer fashion, vintage cabaret, collecting odd objects, and absurd science fiction with a flair of whimsy.” The rest of Xiao’s work is quite different from the comics below, so be sure to check out her website!

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3   why-you-should-say-thankyou-instead-of-sorry-2

4   why-you-should-say-thankyou-instead-of-sorry-3

5   why-you-should-say-thankyou-instead-of-sorry-4

6   why-you-should-say-thankyou-instead-of-sorry-5

7   why-you-should-say-thankyou-instead-of-sorry-6

8   why-you-should-say-thankyou-instead-of-sorry-7

More info: Yao Xiao
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