Graffiti Artist Accidentally Invents a New Paper Art Thats Blowing People Away

Graffiti Artist Accidentally Invents a New Paper Art Thats Blowing People Away

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Artists sometimes accidentally stumble upon new ideas. Same thing happened to graffiti artist Parth Kothekar from Ahmedabad (India).

“It was during my experiments with graffiti stencils that the idea of paper cuts came to my mind, then I began by creating the stencils in the inverse fashion.”

“This art form made me feel more connected to my work. I felt the ‘life’ in them. Initially, I did this only as a hobby, but the inspiration from my close friends made me consider this as a profession.”

“My artworks are based on everyday aspects of life. If it is challenging, it motivates me. The thing with papercuts is that one doesn’t know the final output until the end. I have an assumption of what it might look and that is what I work with. It is the curiosity of finding out if I have got it that keeps me going.”

1   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-0

2   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-1

3   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-2

4   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-3

5   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-4

6   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-5

7   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-6

8   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-7

9   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-8

10   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-9

11   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-10

12   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-11

13   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-12

14   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-13

15   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-14

16   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-15

17   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-16

18   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-17

19   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-18

20   this-paper-cut-art-is-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-19

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