People Think Of Toys As Disposables. But Not These Toys. They Are Luxury Pieces Of Art You Must See.

People Think Of Toys As Disposables. But Not These Toys. They Are Luxury Pieces Of Art You Must See.

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You don’t often look at toys as luxury art. But these toys will change your mind. The toys you are about to see are actually are luxury toys. Russian-Canadian figurative artist Marina Bychkova is the creater or these amazing toys.

Each of these porcelain dolls are intricately sculpted and fashioned in a way that makes every aspect of their details stand out. In addition to exquisite crafting, the dolls are adorned with rich fabrics, complex ornaments, precious metals, rare found objects, and gemstones.

The dolls are delicate but intense, hyper-stylized representations of femininity imbued with a genuine sense of innocence and curiosity. They often mimic fairytales, classic archetypes, delicate objects and more. These pieces are visually stimulating and mentally captivating, the variety will keep you curious while their beauty will keep you enthralled.

1. Cinderella II   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-2

Bychkova says “the Cinderella construct appears to be a collective existential portrait of the human condition – As long as there are people, there will be Cinderellas.”

2. Sheherazade   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-7

Queen Scheherazade, “a highly educated and clever mythological scholar from the Arabian Nights tales.”

3. The Bloody Lady Elizabeth Bathory   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-0

This 15th Century countess was accused of murdering over 600 girls during her lifetime. In fact, there’s no actual evidence supporting his claim and it appears she was only accused by those who would benefit from her downfall.

4. Stockholm Syndrome   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-1

This is the human defense mechanism against life-threatening situations.

5. Banshee   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-5

There’s not much additional info on this piece from 2008 but she’s far too beautiful not to include.

6. Imperial Concubine   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-6

The artist regards this piece as a distinctive milestone in her work when she established a specific aesthetic and creativity simply governed the process.

7. Cinderella   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-8

One of Bychkova’s original incarnations of the beloved Cinderella…with a sort of “modern” spin.

8. The Bride of Frankenstein   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-9

This is the artist’s conception of the character which is inspired by each Mary Shelley’s original Frankenstein, Camilla d’Errico’s Helmet Girls, and Erté’s conceptual fashion designs from Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

9. Weight of Light   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-3

This piece was inspired by the falling chandelier scene in The Phantom of the Opera.

10. Echo   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-4

This beauty is a later version of an earlier doll, Lotus, and Bychkova envisions them as mother and daughter.

11. Cathedral   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-10

The artist’s memories of Italy in doll-form.

12. Little Red Riding Hood   valley-of-dolls-you-must-see-11

Bychkova said she always wanted to make a version of this doll for herself with its own story. That’s what this one is and she says that the viewer can decide what happens.

I am salivating for these luxury toys. Are you too? Then go here and grab the ones you love.
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