She Has No Hands and No Legs. But An Unwavering Determination Made Her a Great Artist

She Has No Hands and No Legs. But An Unwavering Determination Made Her a Great Artist

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After finishing this short post in 3 minutes, you will be in awe. There comes a moment in all our lives where we hit a metaphorical wall, stopping us in our tracks to test our fortitude, our will to grab what we desire and move ahead.

Our friends, parents and many others have said it countless time: “You can be whatever you want to be.” Yet there are others who scoff at this idea, calling it naivety and dishonest optimism. But there are worldly examples that reinforce the worth of determination, of effort and drive. Zuly Sanguino is one of those examples.
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Zuly was born in Cucuta, Colombia in December 1989. She was born with phocomelia, an extremely rare congenital disorder (meaning, a disorder before or at birth) that causes deformity of the limbs. For Zuly, all her limbs were effected, leaving her unable to use any of her legs or arms.

As a child, she was devastated by her position. Her father committed suicide. She questioned herself, uncomfortable and defeated yet she finally realized the value of life, that it’s a gift from God. With that, she pursued art and noting that it’s one of her tools to show the world her soul, who she is inside.
3 For her, if you desire something within yourself then you are only limited by your determination to fulfill.
4 Ultimately, neither the suicide of her father, nor the depression, or the loss of her limbs was able to stop her. She pursued her desire to be an artist. Her mouth became her hands to draw. And she is now a real life, worldly example of what one can achieve with perseverance and strong will. 5
If you are depressed ever, lose hope on life, just remember Zuly and you get the inspiration you need.
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