The Amazing Water Art You Had Never Seen Will Leave You Speechless

The Amazing Water Art You Had Never Seen Will Leave You Speechless

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Nothing is forbidden to create art; and water the least. Wait a second. Did I just say you can create art out of water?

I just found Instagram based artist Aravis Dollmenna, who developed a technique which allows her to create images using drops of water. Yes, just drops of water.

“I started developing my new artistic style when my son introduced me to Instagram three years ago. I use paint and props to give ordinary things a twist”, she said.

“I like to keep the images simple, usually with plain backgrounds and only natural light. I also paint on hands and create fun everyday object compositions”.

#1   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-0

#2   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-1

#3   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-2

#4   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-3

#5   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-4

#6   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-5

#7   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-6

#8   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-7

#9   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-8

#10   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-9

#11   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-10

#12   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-11

#13   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-12

#14   woman-turns-wanter-drops-into-amazing-art-13

See her instagram feed here: Instagram
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