The Bitter Truth About Our Sad And Dysfunctional World Will Shock You Forever

The Bitter Truth About Our Sad And Dysfunctional World Will Shock You Forever

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From the stone age where people lived in caves to the modern world where we can go to Mars and send people to Moon, the journey is nothing but a disappointment in terms of Life. With every comfort the technological advancements bringing us we are becoming more and more unhappy and dysfunctional. And Art is the best medium to show what we are today.

Art isn’t all fairy tale photoshoots and landscape shots – it can also act as a catalyst of change. And Steve Cutts thinks that many things in the world should be different. Work shouldn’t be a grinding, soul-crushing rat race for the almighty dollar. Consumerism shouldn’t hold a vice-like grip on our lives. And social media, well, we need to throw-off the shackles we so eagerly put on ourselves. Wouldn’t life be better then?

Welcome to the art of Steve Cutts, an illustrator and animator from London. Faced with the choice of working at McDonalds or studying Fine Arts, he chose the latter. He worked at Glueisobar as the main storyboard concept artist before making the leap to freelance work. Cutts makes videos and images that criticize modern life – he states that insanity of humanity is an endless pool of inspiration.

We are zombies addicted to smart phones   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-0

Living and Dieing for money – The rat race   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-1

Living off fast foods and obese   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-2

The consumerism has overtaken us   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-3


What have we done to ourselves?   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-5

There is no better representation of our life   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-6

The planet is not here for just providing us  the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-7

Why more people are dying on a Monday?   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-8

The false notion that we are in control of our lives   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-9

The career we are after   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-10

The bulllshit that is fed to us every single day   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-11

The business of destroying our planet   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-12

The sad truth about the inequality   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-13

What are we doing in this world?   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-14

And this is the dysfunctional life we are after.   the-bitter-truth-about-the-sad-world-15

Steve Cutts is not just creative, he is blunt and affective. It is time we give a thought on the direction we are going in this life, pause and think.
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