The Hidden Side Of Rats Is So Cute And This Artists Illustration of It Is Even Cuter

The Hidden Side Of Rats Is So Cute And This Artists Illustration of It Is Even Cuter

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You had not seen anything like this. Usually, animals are a part of an art illustration. But Dutch artist Nadya Bonten-Slenders creates beautiful illustrations, usually with one or more rats as the center point. Rats… are… centre points… of… art!!!

Nadya has been running her own illustration business for a couple of years now. Over the years she has developed a style that is truly her own; her illustrations are always cute as a button and have an ethereal and delicate air about them.

The amazing thing is that Nadya is a self-taught artist and thus built her career on experience only, making sure to always improve her craft. Nadya also illustrates children’s books. In 2013, she started a 365-day illustration challenge. For the duration of one year, she made and published one illustration per day. This really shaped and improved her drawing style and creativity.

Below are some of her beautiful illustrations and once again rats are the centre of it all!

Marty The Mouse   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-0

Moon and stars   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-1

Friendship   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-2

Adventures   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-3

Rain   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-4

Flying   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-5

Marty is flying   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-6

A bit of rain   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-7

Skycraft   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-8

Family   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-9

Dandelion   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-10

Friends   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-11

Rattie Road   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-12

Soulmates   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-13

Halloween   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-14

Teapot   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-15

Happy birthday   artist-illustrates-the-hidden-side-of-rats-16

Every now and then she branches out to hamsters, cats, pandas and sometimes even people other than rats. Go and check her other amazing illustrations here
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