They Look Like Oil Paintings But They Are Not What They Look Like!

They Look Like Oil Paintings But They Are Not What They Look Like!

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Paintings have stirred the imagination of artists as well as patrons of art for centuries. Paintings have some magic in them that in the initial days of photography, photographers were just mimicking paintings in their pursuits.

Even now many photographers suggest to studying paintings to get good at photography. Ok, that’s enough lecture on paintings. Let’s go to St. Petersberg in Russia.

St. Petersburg-based Russian photographer Eduard Gordeev captures delicate cityscape scenes by taking photos in the rain. Flowing rain drops blur the colors and diffuse light, resulting in photos that have a strong resemblance to Impressionist oil paintings.

Though the series mostly features Russia’s St. Petersburg and its widely recognized landmarks, some captivating shots from Lisbon can be found there as well. Nothing gloomy about the rain here, just pure Russian romance!

1   russian-streets-in-rain-look-like-paintings-0

2   russian-streets-in-rain-look-like-paintings-1

3   russian-streets-in-rain-look-like-paintings-2

4   russian-streets-in-rain-look-like-paintings-3

5   russian-streets-in-rain-look-like-paintings-4

6   russian-streets-in-rain-look-like-paintings-5

7   russian-streets-in-rain-look-like-paintings-6

8   russian-streets-in-rain-look-like-paintings-7

9   russian-streets-in-rain-look-like-paintings-8

10   russian-streets-in-rain-look-like-paintings-9

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