Think Different: 13 Unconventional But Amusing Greetings For 2016 Valentine's Day

Think Different: 13 Unconventional But Amusing Greetings For 2016 Valentine’s Day

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Hey! Valentine’s day is around the corner. I am sure you would have already planned the gift and written the drama to propose your love on 14th-Feb.

But, if you want a little fun and make your mark on this occasion, you need to think different.

Don’t worry about the how-tos. The world famous people came here to help you with amusing greetings to impress your loved one.

Here are 13 unconventional but amusing greeting ideas for this lovers season.

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5   13-funny-dictator-valetines-day-cards-this-year-4

6   13-funny-dictator-valetines-day-cards-this-year-5

7   13-funny-dictator-valetines-day-cards-this-year-6

8   13-funny-dictator-valetines-day-cards-this-year-7

9   13-funny-dictator-valetines-day-cards-this-year-8

10   13-funny-dictator-valetines-day-cards-this-year-9

11   13-funny-dictator-valetines-day-cards-this-year-10

12   13-funny-dictator-valetines-day-cards-this-year-11

13   13-funny-dictator-valetines-day-cards-this-year-12

Credits go to Ben Kling
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