This Artist Creates Something Amazing And What He Needs Is Just A Single Piece Of Paper

This Artist Creates Something Amazing And What He Needs Is Just A Single Piece Of Paper

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Be ready to be impressed. In few minutes, you will be awestruck with the amazing art created by Suzy Taylor. you might think it’s some intricate pen and ink work.
However, it’s something even more impressive, and it takes an even steadier hand. Taylor’s work is entirely made from one sheet of paper, with each work cut into impossibly intricate patterns to create a lace-like image.

Inspired by Folk Art   art-with-single-paper-0

Taylor creates her images completely by hand with a craft knife   art-with-single-paper-1

She doesn’t use any kind of laser or die cuts   art-with-single-paper-2

All those cuts are done manually   art-with-single-paper-3

The creation of this art needed temendous patience…   art-with-single-paper-4

and focus…   art-with-single-paper-5

and dedication   art-with-single-paper-6

The artist loves details   art-with-single-paper-7

Mounting the pieces onto wood or other backgrounds gives them a fresh look, and also helps protect them.   art-with-single-paper-8

Yep, they’re paper, and they’re extremely delicate!   art-with-single-paper-9

Some pieces are a little different   art-with-single-paper-10

The detail is just mind-bending   art-with-single-paper-11

Obviously, it’s meticulous work   art-with-single-paper-12

She signs her work, you guessed it, again with art   art-with-single-paper-13

More info: Suzy Taylor
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