What They Did With Photoshop Is Absolutely Hilarious. LoL!

What They Did With Photoshop Is Absolutely Hilarious. LoL!

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Photoshop is a wonderful tool. It provided great opportunities for creative people. Below are some of the craziest ideas to generate fun. What happens when you remove an important element in a photo with photoshop?Do you know what Tug of War looks like without the rope? Or imagine being on a roller coaster without tracks? True, they look quite awkward, but quite funny at the same time. It also lets us focus on the true reaction and emotion of the moment, better.

1   photo-shot-mishaps-0

2   photo-shot-mishaps-1

3   photo-shot-mishaps-2

4   photo-shot-mishaps-3

5   photo-shot-mishaps-4

6   photo-shot-mishaps-5

7   photo-shot-mishaps-6

8   photo-shot-mishaps-7

9   photo-shot-mishaps-8

10   photo-shot-mishaps-9

11   photo-shot-mishaps-10

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