11 Justin Bieber Butt Memes That Will Delight (And Horrify) You

11 Justin Bieber Butt Memes That Will Delight (And Horrify) You

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People like to follow every move of their favorite celeb. Nowadays, twitter, facebook and Instagram are the places where you can get the latest news directly from them. But sometimes the social media updates backfire.

Ever since that fateful moment Justin Bieber revealed his bum to the world on Instagram, people on the internet can’t stop playing with it — the picture, though. People have been meme-ifying his Bora-Bora vacation butt in some hilarious ways.

An Instagram user has even dedicated themselves to sharing Photoshops of the now-iconic image. There, you’ll find Justin in several peculiar situations.

We decided to gather some of the best Justin Bieber butt memes we could find.

1. Landed on the Moom Meme

This though #turnaroundjustin

A photo posted by #turnaroundjustin (@turnaroundjustin) on

2. The infinite bootie meme

3. The “Miley Cyrus joined in” Bieber butt

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

4. The “Women’s World Cup” Bieber butt

5. Kitty Bieber butt

6. The “turned into Miley Cyrus inexplicably” Bieber butt

7. The “Ruby Rose” Bieber butt

8. The google doodle Bieber butt

A photo posted by I Am Tony (@i.am.tony) on

9. The “Pop stars on vacation” Bieber butt

10. The “I’m so hot mountains are into me” Bieber butt

A photo posted by Robyn Fenty (@robynririh) on

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