15 Stunning Paintings By Salman Khan Reveal The Hidden, Artistic And Sensible Side of Him

15 Stunning Paintings By Salman Khan Reveal The Hidden, Artistic And Sensible Side of Him

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Salman Khan rocks! Whatever he touches transforms into gold. Be it his movies, or a paint brush! The multi-faceted individual that Salman Khan is, it is probably even his works of art are as one of a kind as him.

From unique to cutting edge strokes, his most loved hobby is blending hues on a palette. The on-screen character has an enormous gathering of sketches bolted up at his Panvel Bungalow. Whatever he draws, turns eyeballs. Such is the furor, that his sketches are sold for lakhs and crores. And all the sum that originates from the sales straightaway goes into the assets of his NGO “Being Human”.

Trivia: During a sale, one of Salman’s most loved works of art portraying the adoration between a mother and a child was bringing only 20 lakhs. Thus, he chose to pull back that artistic creation from the deal. Later on, the same painting was sold for a whooping 2.5 crore!

Right off the bat, how about we examine some of his most popular and cherished manifestations.

1. His most common form is sketching faces with tranquil and thoughtful expressions. This one is of Gautam Buddha.   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-0

2. Another Buddha…   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-1


3. He believes in oneness of all Gods from all faiths   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-2


4. Is Jesus one of his most drawn figures? Guess so…   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-3

5. Here is another Jesus painting   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-4

6. This one was created during Bhajrangi Bhaijaan shooting   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-5

He gifted this to co-star Kareena Kapoor

7. Is this glimpse into his romantic nature?   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-6

By salmanmania

8. There are many fans for his paintings in the film industry   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-7

Aamir Khan, Boney Kapoor, Sri Devi etc. all love to have his paintings in their homes!

9. He painted this and gifted to Aamir Khan during the shooting of Ghajini   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-8

10. He also gifted a painting of legendary actor Raj Kapoor to his grandson Ranbir   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-9

Ranbir and his leading ladies had come to promote their film Bachna Ae Haseeno on Salman’s show Dus Ka Dum.

11. He is very posessive about his paintings and hesitant to auction them   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-10

By bollywoodbubble

12. His father is delighted about the artistic skills of his son   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-11

“Which father wouldn’t be happy to see that his own child possesses this kind of talent? As far as the paintings are concerned, he has been doing it for a while. It is almost close to Salman’s hit film.” – Salim Khan

13. He doodles whenever he finds little time, during the shots too   15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-12

To such an extent, that he drew Lord Shiva on a bit of paper when he had gone to promote one of his movies on the sets of Indian Idol Junior, and all within 10 minutes, leaving the whole team astonished!

“During the break, while Sonakshi Sinha was touching up her make-up and the others were having refreshments, Salman took a paper that is kept on the table for judges to give marks and started doodling. Within 10 minutes he had drawn the face of Lord Shiva. Everyone on the sets was amazed.” – A source from the sets.

14. Salman even taught his protege Sonakshi Sinha to paint.     15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-14

By notchmag

15. Sallu Bhai rocks indeed! 15-awesome-paintings-by-salman-khan-15

We all know his as a star of 200 crores Bollywood films and didn’t know the artistic side of him. Such an artistic ability is a rare gift. What do you think?
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