7 Celebrities Who Are Long Dead But Still Busy In Haunting Their Old Homes

7 Celebrities Who Are Long Dead But Still Busy In Haunting Their Old Homes

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It’s widely accepted that not all people who are dead depart this plane of existence. Some have strong bonding with things, objects are people that their spirits linger long after they are dead.

It’s no secret that most celebrities really enjoy being the center of attention. Just because a celebrity dies doesn’t mean that their spirit is content to disappear from the public eye. In fact, there are more than a few famous celebrity ghosts who frequent their former Hollywood haunts.

1. Al Capone   7-dead-celebs-haunt-their-homes-2

Many people don’t know that Al Capone, the most infamous prohibition-era gangster, was an avid banjo player. It’s said that Capone’s spirit still haunts his old cell at Alcatraz Prison. A guard at the prison reported that during his shifts, he would often hear banjo music coming from Capone’s former cell.

2. Lucille Ball   7-dead-celebs-haunt-their-homes-3

Lucille Ball is arguably one of the most influential female performers of the last 100 years. When she died at age 77 in 1989, she left more than just a great legacy. According to the new owners of her former home, intense paranormal activity is the norm. For example, they say there are often loud voices coming from the attic as if there’s a party going on up there.

3. Errol Flynn   7-dead-celebs-haunt-their-homes-0

Flynn was Hollywood’s original bad boy. In the 1940s, he was famous for the lavish, decadent parties he threw at his estate in the Hollywood Hills. Soon his hard-partying ways caught up to him and he died in 1959. For some years, his house was normal. But in 1980, things started to get weird. The new owner’s daughter reported all sorts of ghostly happenings. Could it have been Flynn still partying from beyond the grave?

4. George Reeves   7-dead-celebs-haunt-their-homes-1

Reeves’ claim to fame was playing Superman in the 1950s TV series Adventures of Superman. However, at age 45, Reeves’ career was failing and he took his own life. Not long after, the house was sold to new owners who reported hearing strange sounds coming from Reeves’ former bedroom. A documentary crew doing a film on Reeves’ life even claims to have seen his spirit walking around the house in his full Superman costume.

5. Marilyn Monroe   7-dead-celebs-haunt-their-homes-4

Monroe’s ghost likes to get around Hollywood. Since her apparent suicide in 1962, Monroe’s ghost has been spotted at her former home, at her tomb at the Westwood Memorial Cemetery, and even in a full-length mirror at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

6. Mary Pickford   7-dead-celebs-haunt-their-homes-5

Silent film actress Mary Pickford was a massive celebrity in the 1920s. She and her second husband moved into an allegedly haunted mansion where they lived until her death in 1979. Not long after, the hauntings at the house increased. Her husband believed the spirit he kept seeing was Pickford. The historic mansion has since been demolished.

7. Elvis Presley   7-dead-celebs-haunt-their-homes-6

While Elvis conspiracies abound, it’s very likely that the king of rock and roll is in fact dead. This fact is backed up by reports that Elvis’ spirit has taken up a new home in Nashville — the building where he recorded “Heartbreak Hotel.” These days, space is occupied by a TV production company. Allegedly, every time someone mentions the name “Elvis,” the paranormal activity begins.

Beware of the ghosts!
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