10 Cool Things #Google Does For You Which You Are Not Aware!

10 Cool Things #Google Does For You Which You Are Not Aware!

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What you know is Google is a search engine. But what you don’t know is that Google’s home page is full or surprises which many of you guys don’t know exist.

Surprising? Ok! Here are 10 cool things Google can do for you which are really awesome.

1 Flips A Coin For You

Have a difficulty in choosing something between two options? Flipping a coin is one thing that can help you out, but what if a coin is not handy? Well, Google helps you. Just type ‘Flip A Coin’ and click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’, and voila Google will tell you whether it’s heads or tails!


2 Rollss Dice For You

Playing a board game and lost dice? Don’t woryy. Google is there for the need. Not many know but Google gives you an option to roll a dice as well. Just type ‘Roll a dice’ and it’ll help you play games easily.


3 Askew  

Type in the word ‘Askew’ in the search bar and the result will be slanted. Go ahead and scroll the way to the bottom, you will see all of the searches starting to tilt slightly.


4 Zerg Rush

If you type ‘Zerg Rush’ into the search bar and click on I’m Feeling Lucky button, a playable game with small ‘o’ characters will appear that starts destroying search results if they are not clicked with the mouse pointer. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 


5 Atari Breakout

Type ‘Atari Breakout’ into Google Images and you’ll get the classic Atari arcade game to play. An amazing way to kill time. LOL!


6 Google Pacman

Google also lets you play seminal 1980s arcade game Pac-Man. Just type ‘Google Pacman’ in the search box and get ready to chop some power pellets and chased multi-colored coast around the Google logo. 10-cool-google-tricks-5

7 Google Gravity

Well, just type Google Gravity in the search bar and click on I’m Feeling Lucky, you’ll find, all of the icons at the top of the site falling down towards the bottom of the page. You can even click on the icons and throw them around. 10-cool-google-tricks-6

8 Do A Barrel Roll

Type ‘Do a barrel roll’ and click on I’m Feeling Lucky. Doing this will make the Google search page roll and flip 360 degrees. It’s amazing! 10-cool-google-tricks-7

9 Google Orbit


10 Offline Dinosaur Game

If your internet connection is weak and you’re getting bored, then you don’t need to worry at all because Google gives you an awesome endless Dinosaur Game hidden right there on Chrome! 10-cool-google-tricks-9

What do you think? Really cool, isn’t it?

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