10 Weird Glimpses Of History That You Never Knew At All!

10 Weird Glimpses Of History That You Never Knew At All!

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Somebody once told that history is what we write. Though it’s true that the known history comes from the books we refer to, there are also facts of history which never make to any of the books. It is these rare glimpses of history that make us understand how life was like in those historical times. Though I am not making any shocking claims in this post, I am sure that you might not know the below historical facts for they are not taught in history classes either. However as human beings we are entitled to know our historical roots, how infinitesimal they are.

A Union and Confederate soldier reconcile, 1913

The civil war times were bitter. But after the war, the war veterans were able to reconcile with their former enemies and move on from the past. The warring sides are now friends.

A slave dealer in Alexandria, Virginia, 1861-65

In this picture, taken between 1861 and 1865. However, in the early 19th century, it was used as a slave pen. Human beings were locked inside after being shipped from Louisiana. Some 3,750 people passed through here on their way to the plantations of the Deep South. It continued to be used for the slave trade up until the Civil War. How sad.

The camp of the 150th Pennsylvania Infantry, Belle Plain, Virginia, March 1863

The soldiers line up near their stations while the wagons pass by.

The Fieldbrook Stump

What would probably the largest tree in the world, fell for human stupidity. This tree was cut down in the 1890s on a drunken bet that a table that could seat 40 could be made from a slice of its trunk. The famous einstein quote on human stupidity is proven right here.

The Baby Dalai Lama, 1937

His holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama at age 2. In the Tibetan tradition, it is believed that one of the earlier Lamas will reincarnate and the officials are tasked to find the Lama as per their strict procedure. It took 4 years to confirm he was the Lama and was trained in highest spiritual practices of Buddhism. [stag_sidebar id=’contentads’]

An Australian soldier watches a Japanese soldier commit suicide with a grenade, New Guinea, December 1942

A proud Japanese soldier decides to end his life in his own way when three of his colleagues were executed by the Australian soldier.

The Unveiling Of Mona Lisa After She Spent WW II in Hiding, 1945

This famous painting was moved 5 times and was one of the many artifacts moved from Paris to escape from bombing during WW II, 1945.

A Girl From Concentration Camp Draws Her Perspective On Home, 1948, Poland

Children whose first years were spent in concentration camps often did not know their names, their places of origin, or their native languages. Many were sent to foster homes across the world and learned to bury the past. This girl, Teresa, spent time in a home for mentally ill and disturbed children.

Elevator Desks in Prague 1937

The Central Social Institution in Prague was home to the world’s largest vertical file cabinet, with over 3,000 drawers. The desks could move up, down, left, and right at the push of a button. That’s a superb innovation for 1937.

Jimmie Nicol, the almost-Beatle, waits for a plane, June 1964

Jimmie Nicol served as a stand-in drummer for eight concerts over the course of ten days. In June 1964, he flew home from Melbourne and faded into history. These photos show us a side of weird history we don’t see in classrooms. They also offer us a different perspective and plenty of things to think about. Omit them and the history looks incomplete and dry. H/T
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