11 Crazy And Unexplained Mysteries That Still Have Us Scratching Our Heads

11 Crazy And Unexplained Mysteries That Still Have Us Scratching Our Heads

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The year 2015 is coming to a closure. While there were many good things that happened this year, there are also some that are very bad like the Syrian war crisis, terror attacks on Paris and recently the devastating Chennai floods.

Though we have enough to ponder on whether the good and bad is balanced in the world, we also have some mysteries to be solved that still leave us scratching our heads. Here are 11 unsolved and crazy mysteries for you to ponder upon.

1. Portuguese Angel Hair   8-mysteries-unsolved-0

Some weird white strands keep falling from the sky in Portugal. Some people suspect that they are just pieces of spider silk. Others maintain they could be some kind of discharge from extraterrestrial spacecraft. At this point, nobody knows for sure. Do you have any idea? Please let us know through comments.

2. President Obama’s Look Alike on Mars   8-mysteries-unsolved-1

It’s a rock on mars. One attentive internet user recently found a peculiar shape in the rocks on Mars as captured by the NASA Spirit Rover: President Barack Obama. It’s probably just coincidence, but it is scarily on point.

3. UFO near Statue Of Liberty   8-mysteries-unsolved-2

A woman spotted and recorded a video of this unidentified speck in the sky above the Statue of Liberty. YouTube commenters suspect it might be a drone of some kind, but who knows? It looks more like an alien spacecraft to me.

4. The origin of water on Earth   8-mysteries-unsolved-3

For a long time, it was believed that water on Earth was donated, so to speak, over time by comets. However, when we landed on the 67P comet, we discovered that the water there contained more deuterium than the water on Earth. This suggests a different origin for Earth’s water, so where exactly did it come from? Are we fooled all this time?

5. What is that creature in New Zealand bay?   8-mysteries-unsolved-4

Someone with a sharp eye noticed this snake-shaped wake swimming around New Zealand Bay. It looks too large to be a boat or a shark. So what the heck is it? Will 2016 or 2017 hold the answer?

6. Are those real Big-Foot pictures?   8-mysteries-unsolved-5

One Mr. Rick Dyer claimed that he shot the Bigfoot back in 2012. But he only released the pictures of his kill at the beginning of 2014. Apparently, Dyer needed time to get the creature preserved via taxidermy before he could release them. The photos look real enough, but we are still waiting to hear back from Washington State College about the results of their testing on the creature. Will this turn out to be a hoax in 2015?

7. Who is this mannequin?   8-mysteries-unsolved-6

In Chihuahua, Mexico, there is a bridal shop with an exceptionally beautiful yet creepy-looking mannequin. Some believe that the mannequin is the preserved body of the old owner’s daughter, who died of a spider bite on her wedding day years before. Because the current owner takes care not to let outsiders touch the mannequin or even ask questions about it, we may never know her true origins.

8. What happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?  8-mysteries-unsolved-7

In an unfortunate and unknown incident on 8th March 2014, this flight carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members disappeared. Now it’s close to 2 years but we have no clue on what exactly happened that day and no traces on the fate of the people. We have the technology to send robots to Mars, but we couldn’t trace a big plane on earth.

9. Why are birds drowning themselves in ponds?   8-mysteries-unsolved-8

Scientists have been struggling to explain why some UK garden birds are drowning themselves en masse. Starlings, which were once a common sight across the British Isles, have declined in numbers by as much as 79% in recent years, mostly due to a loss of nesting sites and insect food sources. Now however a new and more mysterious killer is on the loose – one that seems to be causing the birds to drown themselves in garden ponds in groups of up to ten at a time.

10. Where are these ghost ships coming from?   8-mysteries-unsolved-9

Almost a dozen vessels have been washed ashore in recent weeks with not a single surviving crew member. The mysterious ships, which started to show up along the coast of Japan back in October, have been the subject of an ongoing investigation with officials desperate to unravel their secrets.

Till date, 11 ships have turned up, some showing signs of damage and each with its entire crew found deceased. Some of the vessels also appeared to have been adrift for quite some time.

11. What is this unusual sea creature?   8-mysteries-unsolved-10

An extremely rare and unusual type of sea creature has been found washed up on a beach in Queensland. With its vibrant sapphire coloring and unusual wing-like appendages, Glaucus atlanticus is quite unlike anything else that you are likely to see at the seaside. The rare species, which typically spends its existence floating upside-down on the water’s surface, lives in warm, tropical regions and feeds on venomous animals such as the Portuguese man o’ war.

If you have answers to any of these mysteries, let us know through comments below.
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