15 Scientific Facts That Will Warm Anybody's Cold, Dead Heart. I Couldn't Agree More on #5

15 Scientific Facts That Will Warm Anybody’s Cold, Dead Heart. I Couldn’t Agree More on #5

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Just when you think you have got everything figured out something comes by and makes your life a mess. Accept the fact. It happens to everybody.

If the similar thing happens the second time, our sensibility reduces a bit, but still we qualify as a joyful being. If the same thing happens again and again in your life, it turns you into something. You are no more that joyful person. Your heart no more responds to love or empathy or any good feeling or emotion.
You need not be that rock that sits there without any emotions of positive feelings. Shake it up. Here are 15 scientific facts that will warm your (anybody’s for that matter) dead heart…

1. When two lovers stare into each others eyes their heart rates actually synchronize. Love more!

15-scientific-facts-that-will-warm-your-heart Love is crazy. It actually makes them as one complete being. Well in a way it’s kind of true – a person’s heart rate will actually match up with another’s if they’re in love and staring into each others eyes. Do you need more proof to love someone?

2. Some twins actually speak their own language that only they can understand.

Pardon me for another crazy fact here. Even though it may sound like a bad sci-fi movie, twins can actually understand the gibberish they spurt out to each other. This is called idioglossia.

3. Rats and mice are actually ticklish and laugh when they’re being tickled.


4. Smiling actually activates happy memories – even if it’s fake.

15-scientific-facts-that-will-warm-your-heart When people tell you to turn that frown upside down, you should probably listen to them.

5. Looking at cute things actually improve your mood and level of concentration.

I can’t agree more. Who can be ticked off when they are watching cute things? Our website’s motto is based on this.

6. Honey bees communicate through dance.

Turn up the volume and listen to what they are shaking!

7. Holding hands actually relieves stress

Science had proven that a person’s stress levels decrease after holding hands with a loved one.

8. In Japan, Macaques actually buy snacks from vending machines.

15-scientific-facts-that-will-warm-your-heart Yes, that’s mind blowing.

9. Cuddling releases natural painkillers.

Ever heard of oxytocin? It’s created when two people cuddle or embrace one another and is said to relieve everything from headaches to joint pain.

10. The Quokka is known as the happiest animal on earth because it is constantly smiling.

15-scientific-facts-that-will-warm-your-heart Smile loke quokka!

11. Male puppies intentionally let female puppies win when they are play-fighting

12. Dancing actually increases happiness

15-scientific-facts-that-will-warm-your-heart Some people hate dancing, but it can actually increase your happiness levels immensely. So stop being a party-pooper and shake what your momma’ gave you!

13. Cows have best friends

15-scientific-facts-that-will-warm-your-heart It’s of scientific fact that cows have best friends that they “hang out” with for the majority of their life. Cool right?

14. Cats greet one another by pressing their noses together

15-scientific-facts-that-will-warm-your-heart Forget about the handshake, in perhaps the most adorable way possible cats say hello to each other by touching noses.

15. Squirrels adopt babies that have been abandoned by their parents.

15-scientific-facts-that-will-warm-your-heart You’ve probably never met an orphan squirrel, mainly because the species is known to take in abandoned babies as their own. Now that fact has some definite awe-factor. What do you think?
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