17 Funny Sign Boards Spotted Across The World LoL!

17 Funny Sign Boards Spotted Across The World LoL!

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Some sign boards give directions, some give information and some are ridiculous.

We have no use for the first two types here and the third type of sign boards are very rare and sometimes very funny. Here are 17 such funny sign boards spotted across the world.

1   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-0

2   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-1

3   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-2

4   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-3

5   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-4

6   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-5

7   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-6

8   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-7

9   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-8

10   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-9

11   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-10

12   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-11

13   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-12

14   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-13

15   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-14

16   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-15

17   17-funny-signs-seen-across-the-world-16

Which one do you like most?

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