17 Magical Cottages You Won't Believe Actually Exist Around The World

17 Magical Cottages You Won’t Believe Actually Exist Around The World

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We are all familiar with homes of different types and denominations. But very few of us had actually gone out to the country side and explore the nature. And right there we got to see cottages.

A cottage is a little different from your average suburban home. Unlike most houses, a cottage truly shares focus with the surrounding wildlife, and a good one seems to fit right in.

Some cottages are tucked inside a hill, some are carved out of giant boulders and some just fit in the woods. They are exceptionally beautiful and every one of us would definitely love to spend time in such places. Below is the list of 17 such cottages we found and encourage you to look at.

The Hobbit Cottages, Wales, USA

Fairy Tale Cottages, Canada

Three Storey Tree House, British Columbia, Canada

Nautilus House, Mexico

The Hobbit House in New Zealand (Yes..)

The Sea Shell House, Mexico

Rustic Way Whimsical House, Minnesota

Dome Home, Thailand

Stone House, Portugal

Akebono, Japan

Forest House, Netherlands

Abandoned Wooden House, Russia

Tiny Victorian Cottage, New York

Crazy House, Vietnam

Traditional House, Ice Land

Mystical Cottage, France

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