18 Tweets That End Abruptly And Make You Laugh!

18 Tweets That End Abruptly And Make You Laugh!

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18 Tweets That End Abruptly And Make You Laugh!Though Twitter is full of spambots, trolls and Justin Beiber hardcore fans, often we can find some amusing stuff as well. Often, fun is an unintended consequence of innocent conversations or deliberations over twitter.

Below are 18 tweets which end abruptly but doesn’t fail to make you laugh. Check out!

1   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-0

2   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-1

3   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-2

4   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-3

5   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-4

6   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-5

7   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-6

8   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-7

9   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-8

10   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-9

11   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-10

12   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-11

13   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-12

14   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-13

15   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-14

16   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-15

17   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-16

18   18-tweets-that-end-abruptly-and-make-you-laugh-17

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