19 Real Life Disaster Photos That Look Straight Out Of Fiction Movies

19 Real Life Disaster Photos That Look Straight Out Of Fiction Movies

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We had seen how bad disasters could be at worse. Thanks to the computer graphics in movies like 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Twister etc. Every now and then a new disaster movie is coming out and knocking our minds with unimaginable disasters. Even these unimaginable CGI disasters sometimes pale before the real natural disasters. Below are the pictures of the aftermath of some of the worst disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and storms etc. Not even James Bond 007 can save us from the wrath of nature.

How lucky! This Guy’s Parking Was Little Off

This is not an ice sculpture, a real house.

Stop, but why?

These logs were once part of the forest

The Nepal Earth Quake Made Real Houses Into Houses of Cards

This is Not CGI, The Hurricane Has Many Effects

Who Swallowed The Rest Of The Building

This Guy Had The Grace Of The Gods

This Is No River, It’s A Highway

Even Fences Could Catch Fish In Floods

Who Cut The Earth?

This Is Why A Boat Is Mandatory

What Exactly Happened Here?

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Two Houses Came in One Lot

That’s No Firework, It’s A Volcanic Eruption

When You See This On Beach, It’s Time To Run

Untold Horror In Pompeii By Volcanic Eruption

Tornado Brings You A Chair To Sit

Badass Tornados Destroy Everything

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