19 #Wisdom Teachings by Cute #Lemurs Will Open Your Eyes

19 #Wisdom Teachings by Cute #Lemurs Will Open Your Eyes

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They say one should listen to even a boy if he is speaking wisdom. It is always true!

Human history has full of great people who shared their wisdom in the form of anecdotes, quotations, stories and customs. We owe a lot to them, undoubtedly!

It would be wrong to think that only humans have some wisdom to share. Dosed found a bunch of wise Lemurs offering their own rules for life — they’ve got a few simple everyday mantras that are what makes them so relaxed and irresistible. We at Dosed you try and listen to their advice.

1. First of all, chill!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-0

2. Just stop worrying over nothing!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-1

3. Over everything else as well!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-2

4. Turn that frown on your face upside down!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-3

5. Dealing with your problems really isn’t that difficult… just unwind!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-4

6. Leave eveything and get some deep sleep!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-5

7. Saying ‘NO’ is OKAY!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-6

8. Get a grip on your life!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-7

9. Don’t forget to say ‘Thank You’!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-8

10. Brace yourself and face the future with confidence!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-9

11. Never forget to enjoy holidays!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-10

12. Keep the romance alive!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-11

13. Forget mean and eat greens and veggies for a change!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-12

14. Meditate your way to inner peace!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-13

15. Seize every opportunity that comes your way!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-14

16. A sound body and a sound mind – So keep your body fit!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-15

17. Don’t be afraid to take risks!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-16

18. Often it brings light into your life!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-17

19. And you end up being happy!   19-wisdom-teachings-by-cute-lemurs-18

It’s worth it. Isn’t it?

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