21 Ways A Bad Day Can Kiss You. LoL!

21 Ways A Bad Day Can Kiss You. LoL!

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There are many many good days in our lives. Sometimes we might have to face bad days too. There will probably be a lot more good days in your life than bad ones. Are you wondering how a typical bad day would look like? Well, here’s something to cheer you up if you’re having a bad day: it could always be worse. Here are 21 ways a bad day can kiss you and if you didn’t see such a day feel yourself lucky. Though a bad is bad indeed, the below bad events could be fun too!

When you want to get home urgently…

When you need to outrun a Hippo

When you are lucky wearing helmet

When that bar is invisible

I am definitely fired

when mechanics fail [stag_sidebar id=’contentads’]

OMG! that terrible moment

whose plan is this?

Worst vacation ever

stop the bus right now

that prickly moment

a perfect stunt

what’s now?

that accidental moment

that ruined day

how did it happen

definitely the worst day

fast and furious

the worst place to get stuck

another worst way to stuck

thats a nice serving

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