25 Cities That Were Amazingly Transformed By The Power Of Time. OMG!

25 Cities That Were Amazingly Transformed By The Power Of Time. OMG!

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From humble past to the glittering present. Time changes many things. Time heals many wounds. It’s always wonderful to see how cities were transformed from humble beginnings to the present skyscrapers. The below cities show how the time had transformed them completely. Many of these cities had a painful past of bombings. But the spirit of the people rebuilt them to their modern glory.

Mosco, Russia, 1896

Mosco, Now. Vow!

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 1950s

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Now

Beijing, China, 1950s

Beijing, China, Now

Nairobi, Kenya, 1960s

Nairobi, Kenya, Now

Abu Dhabi, 1975

Abu Dhabi, Today

Jakarta, Indonesia, 1960s

Jakarta, Indonesia, Now

Seoul, South Korea, 1950s

Seoul, South Korea, Now

Miami, USA, 1930s

Miami, USA, Now

Sydney, Australia, 1950s

Sydney, Australia, Now

Hong Kong, 1960s

Hong Kong, Now

Berlin Germany, 1945

Berlin Germany, Now

Fortaleza, Brazil, 1970s

Fortaleza, Brazil, Now

New York, USA, 1920s

New York, USA, Now

Panama City, Panama, 1930s

Panama City, Panama, Now

Singapore, 1970

Singapore, Now

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1950s

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Now

Dubai, 1980s

Dubai, Now

Boston, USA, 1920s

Boston, USA, Now

Taipei, Taiwan, 1950s

Taipei, Taiwan, Now

Toronto, Canada, 1930s

Toronto, Canada, Now

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Tokyo, Japan, 1920s

Tokyo, Japan, Now

Chicago, USA, 1909

Chicago, USA, Now

London, UK, 1890s

London, UK, Now

Kaula Lumpur, Malasia, 1990s

Kaula Lumpur, Malasia, Now

Los Angeles, USA, 1878

Los Angeles, USA, Now

You just witnessed the marvel of Time. Which one do you think has more dramatic transformation?
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