9 Out of 10 People Are Dead Wrong About These 20 Animal Facts. Are You Too?

9 Out of 10 People Are Dead Wrong About These 20 Animal Facts. Are You Too?

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It’s one thing to gossip and another to spread disinformation – information that is not true. But we, the human beings seem to be hardwired to do just this and enjoy the pleasure out of it. Often we believed that if more people believe something is true then it must be true. But sadly, the truth could be objective, irrespective of the opinion of others. Sometimes it looks odd to contradict something which everyone says it’s true. Below are some of these rumors demystified regarding animal behavior and facts.

Rumor: Lemming commit mass suicide

Fact: Lemmings have odd migration patterns. Due to this their numbers fluctuate over the years. The rumor about mass suicide might be just the wrong interpretation of their migration patterns which proved to be fatal. But this is life folks.

Rumor: Bats are blind.

Fact: Sure bats use their built-in sonar technology to navigate at nights. But that doesn’t mean bats are blind. It is in likeness to say a pilot of an airplane is blind because he uses the navigation system. When we say that one of our grandparents is as blind as a bat when he/she can’t read a newspaper, we are essentially spreading wrong information (pun intended)

Rumor: Opossums hand upside down from their tails

Fact: A two hundred ton opossum can hang upside down from a tree branch only in Ice Age movie. In fact, only baby opossums get extra support using their tails. Forget that mammoth aka huge opossum hanging upside down, not even an adult opossum can do it for their weight.

Rumor: Crocodiles are super slow on land

Fact: Crocs love when you believe this, it fetches an easy snack for them. This is a dangerous rumor. Crocs can lunge at their prey at 10 miles per hour and the fact they attack only when their prey is near and unsuspecting, this much speed is more than sufficient. Be mindful folks.

Rumor: Camels store water in their humps

Fact: You believe this and go on an adventure in a desert believing you can drink from your camels hump, only to realize that you fooled yourself to death. Camel’s hump stores fat, not water. A camel’s intestines and kidneys are so efficient in retaining fluids that their pee syrupy and their poop is so dry to fuel fires.

Rumor: When a duck quacks, it doesn’t echo

Fact: You will never find this claim in any textbook or science journal.Ducks intend to live in open spaces where any sound is unlikely to echo. So this is pure fiction and a wrong one. [stag_sidebar id=’contentads’]

Rumor: Bees die after they sting

Fact: There are around 20,000 species of bees and only a handful of them have stingers that stuck in human skin that when they pull, they tear themselves in half and die. But the remaining bees do not die like that.

Rumor: Everybody swallows some spiders each year

Fact: not true unless these spiders are created by black (pun intended). No spider wants to commit suicide by entering your mouth and being swallowed to be digested. There is no scientific study that proves it.

Rumor: Turtles and Tortoises are same

Fact: People just mix these words interchangeably. But the difference is that a tortoise can dwell most of its life on land and a turtle dwells in water. Their shells and feet have a lot of differences too.

Rumor: Animals know no romance

Fact: This is completely wrong. Most animal species are as romantic as humans. For example, male mice sing a complete song to attract female mice. We can’t hear it because they sing in ultrasonic frequencies. When converted these sounds make a full song. How about that being ultra romance?

Rumor: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Fact: This is completely wrong. You can surely teach your old dog new tricks and all you need to plan is a bunch of practice sessions. Soon your oldie will compete with the punks. This saying was in fact directed towards stubborn people who refuse to change their ways. So this is not about dogs.

Rumor: Touching a toad gives you warts

Fact: This is really a funny misconception. Human warts are caused due to virus and toads have only lumpy skin. So you can freely touch a toad at any time.

Rumor: If you help a baby bird, Its mother will abandon it.

Fact: False. Birds will never abandon their babies due to human scent. If you find a baby bird which is still a nestling, please return it to the nest as early as possible. If the baby bird is a fledgling, you should just leave it. It can manage. But please make sure if the baby bird really needs help before ignoring it.

Rumor: Koalas are a type of bears.

Fact: Koalas are actually marsupials, not bears at all. Sure, they look like a stuffed teddy bear, but we as humans are more genetically similar to bears than koalas are. Who knew?!

Rumor: Bulls want to attack red objects

Fact: Science says bulls don’t care about the color. When they are agitated they attack whatever is waved against them. Don’t think they attack you if you wave a green cloth. You might be surprised.

Rumor: Pigs are dumb

Fact: No. Pings may look dumb, but they are actually very intelligent. Pigs score more on joystick puzzles than younger human kids and sometimes they are honorary dogs too. So you need to reconsider this misconception.

Rumor: Sheep are dumber

Fact: If you believe this anymore you qualify for being a dumb person. Sheep are fast learners and very intelligent that they can plan things ahead in time. They can quickly adapt to circumstances.

Rumor: Penguins tip over when they look at planes above

Fact: This seems strange, but British pilots reported the phenomenon when they flew close to the ground over South America. It’s not true, though — penguins can keep their footing. That doesn’t mean that they won’t get scared and flee their nests, though, which isn’t good either.

Rumor: Goldfish are as delicate as flowers

Fact: Here is a shocker for you. They sometimes end up in toilets, but these fish are actually harder folk. They survive for hours outside water. They go into a state of hibernation until they are returned to water.

Rumor: Ostriches shove their head in sand when they are sared

Fact: Hold on a second. These huge birds are known win fights against lions with their perfectly executed kicks. These huge birds are pretty much glorified raptors, weighing up to 320 pounds and reaching speeds of about 40 miles per hour. Do you really think that creatures with those stats would stick their head in sand rather than simply run or stay around to fight? This is the biggest myth. Keep it busted. H/T
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