Look At These Photos From Medieval Times And You Will Feel Lucky To Be Born In Modern Times. OMG!

Look At These Photos From Medieval Times And You Will Feel Lucky To Be Born In Modern Times. OMG!

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You must see these images to appreciate the developments in the medical field. Some of the medieval medical procedures were so gross and terrifying. The procedures and supplies look to be out of this world.
Although we are miles ahead now compared to these times the pictures portray, someday in future, people would be thinking the same about the current medical procedures. However, the medical field is highly respected as they learn day by day to bring the best possible medical care to us.
Look at these photos and you will surely feel lucky to be born in the modern times.

Tanning babies at the Chicago Orphan Asylum, 1925, to offset winter rickets   mideival-medical-procedures-3

Woman with an artificial leg, too embarrassed to show her face c. 1890 – 1900   mideival-medical-procedures-4

Brain hemorrhage, post-mortem   mideival-medical-procedures-0

Corset damage to a ribcage. 19th century London   mideival-medical-procedures-1

Dr. Kilmer’s Female Remedy   mideival-medical-procedures-2

Wooden prosthetic hand, c. 1800   mideival-medical-procedures-5

Selection of some items used to disguise facial injuries. Early plastic surgery.   mideival-medical-procedures-6

Blood transfusion bottle, England 1978   mideival-medical-procedures-7

Dr. Clark’s Spinal Apparatus advertisement, 1878   mideival-medical-procedures-8

Neurological exam with electrical device, c. 1884   mideival-medical-procedures-9

Antique prosthetic leg   mideival-medical-procedures-10

US Civil War surgeon’s kit   mideival-medical-procedures-11

Walter Reed physiotherapy store, 1920   mideival-medical-procedures-12

Boy in rolling “invalid cart” c. 1915   mideival-medical-procedures-13

Obstetric phantom, Italy 1700-1800   mideival-medical-procedures-14

Tool to teach medical students and midwives about child birth

Radioactive yummies   mideival-medical-procedures-15

Lewis Sayre’s scoliosis treatment   mideival-medical-procedures-16

Claude Beck’s early defibulator   mideival-medical-procedures-17

Antique birthing chair used until the 1800s   mideival-medical-procedures-18

Anatomical Model   mideival-medical-procedures-19

Doctors were not allowed to touch the women’s bodies, so they would point to describe pain locations

Radiology nurse technician, WWI France 1918  mideival-medical-procedures-20

first surgical procedures, 1855 – 1860   mideival-medical-procedures-21



What do you think about these? Are you happy to be born in the modern age?
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