Some Mind Candy Stuff You Don't Need To Know. But You Would Be Glad You Knew In A Moment

Some Mind Candy Stuff You Don’t Need To Know. But You Would Be Glad You Knew In A Moment

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Imagine yourself in a social gathering and people were chit chatting. They would eventually get bored and would be wanting some mind blowing stuff or show. Suddenly if you tell them that the name of Maleficent’s pet raven was Diablo and ask them how would it sound, wouldn’t they be surprised?
It’s always fun to learn new things. Especially when they are so random and have no correlation with one another they make great conversation starters. Happy learning, and socializing! Here is a list of mind candy facts for you.

Mickey Mouse Was Given Pupils in Fantasia   stuff-you-need-not-know-2

The way he looks now, was depicted in Fantasia in 1940. No more creepy-ass black eyes 😉

The Lightning Bolt Can Be Roughly 30,000 Kelvins (53,540 degrees Fahrenheit) Hot.   stuff-you-need-not-know-0

The Friesian Is One of The Most Expensive Horse Breeds   stuff-you-need-not-know-1

The Woman With Longest Life Span Ate 1KG Chocolate A Week   stuff-you-need-not-know-3

Once Vietnamese Wives Were Bought For $6000   stuff-you-need-not-know-4

This is probably the worst times for Vietnam. How bad!

One Scene of Lion King Took 3 Years To Animate   stuff-you-need-not-know-5

The stampede scene in Lion King movie (1994) where Mufasa was killed took 3 years to animate for the best rendition.

World’s Largest Beetle   stuff-you-need-not-know-6

The Titanus Giganteus is the largest beetle in the world. The beetle is said to be larger than some small adult Chihuahuas, and the largest recorded specimen was measured in at 6.6 inches long.

Diablo: Maleficent’s Pet Raven   stuff-you-need-not-know-7

It was not stated in the movie Sleeping Beauty (1959) but the raven’s name was Diablo.

Smell Of The Rain   stuff-you-need-not-know-8

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