That Frustrating and Disappointing Moment When The Products You Bought Failed To Deliver What They Promised

That Frustrating and Disappointing Moment When The Products You Bought Failed To Deliver What They Promised

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It happens to all of us at least once in our life times. We buy something expecting to receive what is advertised by the product vendors only to realize it’s far from the truth. We feel frustrated, cheated and get disappointed. Some of us might even think of suing the company for false advertisement.
While the very thought of such experiences may boil your blood, here is such list of 27 products which failed miserably on delivering what they promised. You might have been a victim of one of these. But the rest will leave you in a light-hearted mood realizing you are not the only one.
Not a secret that many of these companies were definitely facing law suits for false marketing. LoL!

This is What They Advertised   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-0

Their Expression Explains It All   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-1

Is It What It Actually Looks Like?   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-2

I Will Never Buy a Frozen Food Again   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-3

After Seeing This I Brought My Surf Board to The Hotel Room   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-4

But This is What Greeted Me. Oops!   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-5

Cakes – Expectation and Reality   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-6

Taco Bell   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-7

Burger King   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-8

McDonalds   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-9

Most Disappointing Gourmet   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-10

Should I Explain Any More?   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-11

Never Go Overboard on The Raisins   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-12

That Looks Like a Towel, LoL!   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-13

But They Said Three of Us Can Fit!   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-14

This Happens Even In China   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-15

Whoa… Size Does Vary Greatly   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-16

Sea Monkeys – What They Showed   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-17

The Reality. Slap!   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-18

Cranberries Are Placed Conveniently   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-19

Never Ask For a Flower Delivery Again   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-20

Blanket?   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-21

What Panda???   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-22

The Balloon Disappointment   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-23

Where Is The Filling   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-24

Berry Loaf not Berries Loaf   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-25

Hockey? VoW  when-what-you-bought-disappoints-26

What? Are You Kidding?   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-27

25th Disappontment   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-28

What Is This Anyway?   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-29

What The Hell?   when-what-you-bought-disappoints-30

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