Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World (Jan. 2017)

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World

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For millennia, dogs had been companions for the human race. They were loyal friends, guardians, pets and hard workers herding cattle, police companions and drug busters. They adapted to the human needs and environment changes and still remain the most sought after pet in the world.

Dogs are the most loved animals in the world as I am writing this article. You don’t need to take my word, the figures explain it all. On an average, there are 25 million searches per month on dogs and dog related information on Google alone!
This intrigued me. Why are there so many inquiries on dogs all over the world, consistently? I wanted to know what lies in the minds of those millions of people searching for information. If they have to choose a dog which one they choose out of many breeds available? I did some research and compiled the top 10 list here. Out of all the available breeds, here are the top 10 dog breeds people want to adopt across the world.
Check for yourself which pet dog you would choose…

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels dog breed had been called as a royal dog breed for a reason. Yes, they look and behave royally. This dog breed is classed as a toy dog breed and they are generally lap dogs. top-10-most-popular-dog-breeds-1
This breed of dogs are loyal, friendly, affectionate and obedient and although they prefer a yard with a fence and a good leash on which to take a walk now and then, they are unusually flexible in their needs and will live as well with a cut down requirements. They can live with single elderly people too.

An adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will weigh 10 to 18 pounds. You can expect a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to live for 9 to 14 years. What makes them so special is that they enjoy the company of people, including kids and even other pets too.

Health concerns for this dog breed include knee problems, hip dysplasia, eye conditions, ear infections, heart murmurs, and other heart problems and that’s why they need a lot of human interaction. But this adorable dog deserves your every bit of attention.

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9. Pomeranians

Pomeranians are a Spitz dog breed, named after the Pomeranian region in Central Europe. This is classed as a toy dog breed and they have been adopted by the royalty for centuries. Queen Victoria had one small Pomeranian dog and was made universally popular. top-10-most-popular-dog-breeds-2

This dog does look like a small fox with that fluffy fur and they are naturally very sturdy and healthy breed. The adult Pomeranian will weigh between 3 and 7 pounds and they can live for 12 to 15 years.

Pomeranians are very friendly, playful and lively breed of dog. They love to be around their owners and are protective of them. Pomeranians are intelligent dogs, respond well to training, and can be very successful in getting what they want from their owners. They are extroverted and enjoy being the center of attention.

However, if not trained properly they can become aggressive and dominant and attention should be given when kids are around. Toys can be an effective tool in encouraging Pomeranians to spend time alone.

They enjoy pampering and are “one dog only” type of breed, so they can get jealous if you bring another pet. But people love this dog breed because they make a very good pet.

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8. Rottweilers

Spoiler warning – this dog breed is not for you if you are inexperienced or first-time dog owner. Take my word for that. If you are experienced then this might be your best choice as a domestic dog. top-10-most-popular-dog-breeds-8

This dog breed is all about balance, endurance, proportionality, intelligence, and strength. That’s why the Rottweiler was employed in its traditional roles in herding, in search and rescue, in guiding the blind, in guarding, in policing and in other demanding areas. What makes a Rottweiler happy is having tasks to do. At least as simple as retrieving your newspaper will make him immensely happy.

The adult Rottweiler will weigh between 90 and 110 pounds and will live for 8 to 9 years, with the lowest life expectancy among its peers though this dog breed won’t have many health issues.

“A calm, confident and courageous dog with a self-assured aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships. A Rottweiler is self-confident and responds quietly and with a wait-and-see attitude to influences in its environment. It has an inherent desire to protect home and family, and is an intelligent dog of extreme hardness and adaptability with a strong willingness to work, making them especially suited as a companion, a guardian, and general all-purpose dog.”

Contrary to media portrayal as vicious dogs, Rottweilers are loyal, protective with guarding instincts. This roman descendant is so courageous that a two-year-old Rottweiler in the UK named Jack was given bravery award and medallion for chasing off a sexual offender who was molesting a woman in a bush and stand guard until the police arrived. Later he identified the offender and got him convicted.

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7. Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are the smallest of dog breeds in the world though they come in a wide variety of sizes, head shapes, colors and coat lengths. You know, it’s named after the Chihuahua state in Mexico. Cool! top-10-most-popular-dog-breeds-7
Chihuahuas are very loyal to family, a good friend of its owner and its small size makes it so appealing to many people. There are many legends about the origin of this dog breed in Mexico. This dog is kind of so much connected with its owner that it’s temper depends on the owner’s temperament. It becomes very protective of its owner that sometimes it becomes aggressive, especially around other people or pets.

These dogs are very delicate and can get hurt easily that it’s recommended you adopt a pup which is older than 4 months. An adult Chihuahua can grow anywhere between 1 to 6 pounds and the height varies from litter to litter. Also, not all pups from a litter are similar in size. So special.
For it’s size and adorability, this could be a better pet.

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6. Miniature Schnauzers

Do you want a good guarding dog without the tendencies to bite, small sized, alert and energetic which can get along either with a one member family or an active large family then this dog breed is the problem? This dog breed consistently remains one of the most popular dogs for it’s temperament and small size. top-10-most-popular-dog-breeds-6
They are spirited and want to please you. Be mindful that they have a mind of their own but in the end, they will work hard to make you happy and integrate with your family. This makes this dog lovely and adorable.

If you have kids in your home, Miniature Schnauzers are excellent with children and enjoy their company and will happily watch over them. You can’t go wrong with it. The adult Miniature Schnauzer will be 13 to 18 pounds in size and they live till 12 to 14 years.

This dog breed is not prone to wandering and they don’t demand large yards and they can adjust in houses of any size. The site of kids playing with this dog and getting motherly guarding at the same is so touching. Undoubtedly this is my choice.

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5. Bulldogs

Do you want a good family pet dog that likes kids and keeps watch on them? Bulldogs are sweet natured, docile and has happy disposition. This dog breed is undemanding in his physical needs and so he is also a good pet for the elderly or infirm. top-10-most-popular-dog-breeds-5

Believe me, they have a subtle sense of humor and they usually get along with other pets in the house. They look lazy as they have a disdain for physical activity. Be careful that a hot weather is not suitable for them.

One spoiler: bulldogs can’t swim.
This dog breed weighs around 40 to 50 pounds and can live up to 8 to 12 years. They can live small houses or apartments or they can be even happier to live in houses with large yards.

Warning to other pets: never steal food from a Bulldog, which would be the end of your pet life in the house.

A mellow charm, sense of humor, a motherly guard for kids. We love you Bulldog.

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4. Shih Tzus

You guessed it right, the Chinese name means “Lion Dog” and that’s because of the long, flowing coat the Shih Tzu displays. Especially in the US this dog breed is very famous due to a confluence of characteristics – they enjoy people, are good with children, are great pets for those who live in apartments and are friendly and well

That long beautiful coat of Shih Tzu should be taken care. They should be rather at least a month and the matting on their feet should regularly be cut off. Often times they look arrogant but under that arrogance there lies a gentle, friendly and playful personality.

Adult Shih Tzu will be 8 to 15 pounds and can live from 10 to 14 years. These beautiful and adorable dogs need training from the early days and they can learn tricks quickly. Wanna impress your friends, then train you Shih Tzu with awesome tricks and he won’t let you down.

Just don’t forget to provide an outlet for his energy, at least, the simple walk should suffice.

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3. German Shepherds

The Shepherd is a hardy dog, intelligent, trainable, friendly and very playful. This dog breed is great with one’s family including children but very suspicious of other people they are not familiar with. Especially they are inimical towards new children. But once they feel friendly they will become friendlier. top-10-most-popular-dog-breeds-3

German Shepherds are so attached to the family that if you go on vacation leaving him alone, he will really miss you and it pains them a lot. German Shepherds are famous for his loyalty. German Shepherds require assertive and competent training when to protect and when to back off as they have a natural instinct to protect their owner.

If you are planning to get a German Shepherd into your home, you need to have a large yard as this dog want to have a long walk on a regular basis. This isn’t a dog for a docile, petite female, or older people, but people who can handle both the dog’s size and activity requirements.

A German Shepherd can weigh from 60 to 140 pounds and can live to be 10 to 13 years. This is a hardy dog and will be a great family pet.

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2. Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are like cute celebs. They are easy to live with but very small. They are excellent family pets but are also good for seniors, those who live in apartments and those who can’t exercise a dog regularly. That’s why they are the second most popular dog in the world. top-10-most-popular-dog-breeds-9

A Yorkie is very sweet and docile. They are cheerful, eager to please, intelligent and affectionate. These are among the smallest dogs and bark a lot which makes them excellent watch dogs. These are actually good with children as long as the children are good with them.

An adult Yorkshire Terrier will be 3 to 7 pounds and they live to be 12 to 15 years old. Though they don’t need large yards, they do need some exercise like simple walks or up and down a household staircase. They look awesome and adorable and if your kids are older than 8 years this will be for you.

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1. Labrador Retrievers

Here is the winner of the competition. Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the US for 24th straight year. That tells a lot about this famous dog breed. Famously called as Labs, in short, they are strong and active. Most often they come in black color but there are some available in yellow also.


Labrador Retrievers are excellent with children and other pets in the house and easy to train. They are good natured and often used as working dogs, like police dogs and drug-detecting agents. Labradors are considered to be intelligent and not the least bit aggressive.

Who doesn’t like a dog that’s friendly, outgoing, eager to please and docile? Yes are active and so must have large yards to play. They will need frequent walks, which you will enjoy, particularly if your easy-to-train Labrador walks well on a leash. He is active so train your Lab and provide him with lots of human contact.

The last thing you would like to do to your Labrador is to overfeed and make him obese and lazy. They may weigh 60 to 75 pounds and live to be 10 to 14 years. Adopt this dog and you will cherish your decision.

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Are you a proud owner of any of these dogs? Do you think the list misses out on amazing dog breeds? Share your thoughts.
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