10 Things We Would Love To See In Steve Jobs Biopic

10 Things We Would Love To See In Steve Jobs Biopic

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The Steve Jobs biopic is the new buzz in the movie as well as tech circles. Thousands of movie buffs and Steve Job’s die hard fans are eagerly waiting for this movie to come out. The movie is being directed by Oscar award-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle.

A biopic typically is meant to show the unknown facets of a celeb and to be inspirational; especially when it is about a great visionary like Steve Jobs. Though the expectations are high and we believe this film will satisfy the eagerly waiting fans, here is the list of 10 things we would love to see in the film.

1. Earlier Struggles in Life

Young-Steve-Jobs We all know that Steve Jobs suffered from poverty in his earlier days. This college dropout turned visionary once confessed that he used to walk few miles to Hare Krishna Temple to have the free meal offering. Poverty is a common denominator in most of the population on our earth.
It would be inspirational to see how Jobs was feeling about it and his resolution to come out of it triumphantly. That would be awesome for a starter.

2. His Explorations in India

KainchiAshram The spiritual traditions of India had a great impact on this genius, so much so that he made a trip to India with all his life savings spent on it. What did he discover in the Kainchi Ashram of Neem Karoli Baba? What were his insights on life and how it impacted his future plans?

3. His LSD Experiences

steve-jobs-lsd In one of the interviews, he confessed to taking LSD and attribute his product ideas to LSD experiences. Wouldn’t it be good to see how exactly this impacted his ideas? Does he approve of using LSD or other drugs? Looking forward to seeing it.

4. Unveiling of Mac

job-mac-intro History fondly remembers the Mac and how it changed the world forever in personal computing. How exactly did Steve plan and execute this? What was he thinking about his brain-child? His emotions when he finally offered it to the world would be too tantalizing to imagine.

5. Bill Gates in His Life

Steve-jobs-and-Bill-Gates Bill and Steve’s relationship is peculiar and often mystic. Sometimes they used to look like best of the friends and sometimes the worst of the foes. It is a universally accepted fact that they had differences with each other.
What exactly are those issues? Did Bill really steal the UI for Windows from Mac? If true, how did Steve react to it? What were their expressions when they met again after this incident?
Boy, that would definitely take the breath way from the audience.

6. John Sculley – Steve Jobs Sour Affair

jobs_and_sculley How did Steve persuade John to join Apple? Want to see the most famous pitch ever in the tech world.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?” 

7. Glimpses Into His Family Life

steve-jobs-family Very little is known about Steve’s personal life. It would be great to see his normal family person life too. His relationships with women in his life and his kids.

8. Unveiling of iPod

steve-jobs-ipod iPod has revolutionized how people consume music. It changed the music industry forever and had thrown out the giants like Sony from the relevance. People would have watched the keynote address of iPod’s unveiling, but it would be even more awesome to see it in the film.

9. Concerning Tim Cook

tim-cook-steve-jobs The world at large doesn’t know Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple until he was announced to take the reigns from ailing Steve Jobs. It would be too good to see how well the two were getting along. How had Steve recruited Tim Cook? What was their working chemistry? Were there any personal conflicts between them?

10. His Final Days and Message To Young Entrepreneurs

steve-jobs-quote The world was shocked with the death of a visionary called Steve Jobs. His final days of suffering from pancreatic cancer and his suggestions to kids and the next generation of entrepreneurs would be the best way to end this biopic. Long live Steve Jobs.

We are looking forward to it.

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