17 Movies Are Shot On These Locations and Then This Is What Happened To What's Left Behind

17 Movies Are Shot On These Locations and Then This Is What Happened To What’s Left Behind

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All blockbuster movies build massive expensive sets and when the filming is wrapped, the production team salvage whatever they can and abandon the sites. Soon the elements start working on these sets and start dissolving them to nature. Some of these sites are so surreal. So unique and thought provoking. Some of them are frightening though.

Here are 17 film sets which are long abandoned by the crew. Check them and let us know which one you like most. Share them with your friends.

1 Batman (1989)   17-abandoned-movie-sets-0

2 Popeye (1980)  17-abandoned-movie-sets-1

3 Asterix and Obelix (1968)  17-abandoned-movie-sets-2

4 The Abyss (1989)   17-abandoned-movie-sets-3

5 Looper (2012)   17-abandoned-movie-sets-4

6 Iron Man (2008)   17-abandoned-movie-sets-5

7 Big Fish (2003)   17-abandoned-movie-sets-6

8 Anna and the King (1999)  17-abandoned-movie-sets-7

9 The Fugitive (1993)   17-abandoned-movie-sets-8

10 Field of Dreams (1989)   17-abandoned-movie-sets-9

11 End of Days (1999)  17-abandoned-movie-sets-10

12 Lord of the Rings (2001)  17-abandoned-movie-sets-11

13 Bates Motel (TV series, 2013)  17-abandoned-movie-sets-12

14 Schindler’s List (1993)  17-abandoned-movie-sets-13

15 Lone Star (1996)   17-abandoned-movie-sets-14

16 Zero Dark Thirty (2012)   17-abandoned-movie-sets-15

17 Star Wars (1977)   17-abandoned-movie-sets-16

Which one do you like most?
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