32 Hollywood Celebs Hanging Out With Their Body Doubles Is The Most Uncanny Thing You Will Ever See

32 Hollywood Celebs Hanging Out With Their Body Doubles Is The Most Uncanny Thing You Will Ever See

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In a typical movie the risky and difficult action sequences will be done with a body double of an actor. The long shots also doesn’t need the original actor to do them. So celebrities always have a double on set.

For some of these celebrities, the doubles are not an exact replica but they serve the purpose. But some strikingly similar. All in all, it’s pretty funny seeing all these celebs with their doubles on set.

1. Gerard Butler   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-0

2. Quvenzhané Wallis   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-1

3. The Rock   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-2

4. Shailene Woodley   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-3

5. Taylor Lautner   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-4

6. Andrew Garfield   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-5

7. Chris Evans   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-6

8. Tom Hardy   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-7

9. Brad Pitt   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-8

10. Daniel Radcliffe   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-9

11. Rupert Grint   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-10

12. Emma Watson   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-11

13. John Travolta   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-12

14. Zooey Deschanel   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-13

15. Shia LaBeouf   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-14

16. Johnny Depp   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-15

17. Kate Beckinsale   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-16

18. Tom Cruise   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-17

19. Patrick Dempsey   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-18

20. Lena Dunham   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-19

21. Daniel Craig   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-20

22. Alexander Skarsgard   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-21

23. Robert Pattinson   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-22

24. Chris Hemsworth   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-23

25. Will Arnett and Amy Poehler   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-24

26. Kevin Bacon   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-25

27. Megan Fox   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-26

28. Ginnifer Goodwin   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-27

29. Jared Padalecki   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-28

30. Angelina Jolie   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-29

31. Christian Slater   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-30

32. Kate Winslet   actors-pose-with-their-doubles-31

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