Is Cancer Going To Be Next Epidemic In Bangalore? What Can You Do About It?

Is Cancer Going To Be Next Epidemic In Bangalore? What Can You Do About It?

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Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India is the best place to set up an IT company and it’s cool weather is liked by many people. Though it is an ideal place to settle down it has it’s own follies. The infrastructure is not robust. The city growth is not properly planned. And the dreaded traffic problems …!!!

But Bangaloreans has yet another threat in the form of cancer causing carcinogens. No, it is not because of the automobile emissions. It is from the most unlikely source: water.

Groundwater in many parts of Bengaluru urban and rural may be contaminated with carcinogenic nitrates, warns the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB). According to Deccan Herald, a senior official of CGWB (who did not want to be named), said a detailed study was being conducted by a team of scientists and so far it has been found that ground water in most parts of Bengaluru is contaminated with nitrates. The permissible limit for nitrates is 40 milligrammes a litre, but in most areas, the presence of nitrates ranges between 45 and 100 mg/ litre. The reason for this is “Unsegregated waste being dumped around the city and leaking sewer lines are the cause. Since the earth is not levelled, percolation happens and this leads to increased presence of nitrates”. Lack of proper waste disposal method is another folly of the garden city.

Nitrate contamination has been found near industries, areas surrounding ill-maintained sewer lines, around polluted lakes and market areas where waste decays, the official added.

Around 40% of Bangalore’s population is dependent on groundwater and 10-12% of this population is using this highly contaminated water. Nitrates are cancer causing agents. The permissible limit is 40mg per litre of water but these 12% population is consuming water that has the presence of nitrates in the range of 45mg to 100mg per litre. This is a high risk.

What should you do?

People need to purify the water with the process that eliminates nitrates. Normal water filters and purifies kills bacteria, viruses and other harmful chemicals. But removing nitrates needs, at least, Reverse Osmosis process (RO).

Dysfunctional lifestyle aggravates these conditions. You should ease stress. Practising yoga and mindfulness meditation. Avoid eating junk food and sugary drinks as much as possible. Fresh vegetables and greens are the best foods you can take.

Health is wealth!

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