OMG These 16 Hilarious Photos Are Taken At The Perfect Moment!

OMG These 16 Hilarious Photos Are Taken At The Perfect Moment!

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Let’s face it: we’re a generation obsessed with documenting our lives through photos on social media platforms. This may have turned us all into narcissistic self-obsessed sociopaths, but on the bright side, we now collectively snap so many photos that we often capture amazing moments that could have easily been missed in the pre-smartphone camera era.

Whether it’s an inadvertent illusion caused by an unfortunate angle or an intentional and deviously planned photo made to look dirty, the following 16 photographers were blessed with photos so perfectly strange, they will leave you staring in awe. These pictures just go to show you that a little difference in perspective can change everything!

1. Just wondering why the photograpger chosen that angle!   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-0

2. Vow, a new dog breed without legs?   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-1

3. Man and llama hybrid   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-2

4. OMG, he burps rainbows   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-3

5. Are you seeing what I am seeing?   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-4

6. That’s a perfect human projectile performance   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-5

7. The perfect dive   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-6

8. You have to be careful with the angle… I mean when you’re taking photos, not the other thing!   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-7

9. That’s an ad for heavy duty drinder   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-8

10. A dog that loves fishing?   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-9

11. A fierce jedi warrior indeed   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-10

12. That fellow has a lovely set of stems. Love dem shorts   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-11

13. Is your brain still working after seeing this?   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-12

14. This amazing photo captured the perfect instance when a bolt of lighting struck and passed through an airplane. The people on board were “shocked” to see this image.   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-13

15. I’m sure a lot of people stared at these kids when they saw them flailing around on the ground beside the road. The final result of their ground wriggling was well worth it, though!   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-14

16. Waging war with the giants is a tall order. Many troops have been gobbled up.   omg-these-16-hilarious-photos-are-taken-at-the-perfect-moment-15

This is so funny!
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