7 Photographs of Terminally Ill Patients Living Out Their Final Wishes Melt Your Heart

7 Photographs of Terminally Ill Patients Living Out Their Final Wishes Melt Your Heart

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After reading about these 7 terminally ill people and seeing them live out their last wishes, your heart will be melted and you will not be the same person again. Watching a loved pass away is an intense and emotionally painful experience. You, as a family member would be ready to do anything to fulfill their simple last wishes.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation is a dutch non-profit which is working to help terminally ill elders to live their last wishes. In  a moment, you will realize that their work is simply moving.

Saying Good Bye to His Favourite Giraffe

Mario was 54-year-old when he passed away with terminal brain cancer. He worked as a maintenance man at the Rotterdam zoo in the Netherlands for over 25 years. After his shifts, he used to visit and help care for the animals, including the giraffes.


Mario’s final wish was to say goodbye to his colleagues and share a final moment with his furry friend –  a giraffe.

To See the Ocean Again

Kees Veldboer was an ambulance driver, moving patients from one hospital to another. One time in 2006 a patient was terminally ill and had spent three straight months confined to a hospital bed. During the trip from one hospital to the other, he told Veldboer that he wanted to see the Vlaardingen canal one last time. He wanted to sit in the sun and wind and smell the water again before going back inside.

When Veldboer fulfilled his wish, he was tears of peace in the patient’s eyes. That’s when the Ambulance Wish Foundation was born. Since then the foundation has helped nearly 7000 people.

To Visit The Grave of His Best Friend

Make a Wish foundation helps children with terminal diseases. What can the Ambulance Wish Foundation can give to these older people who had experienced life? They are very small wishes. But the equipments and people needed to transport them takes a lot of resources.


Enjoy a Delicious Ice Cream

All an elderly woman wants is to enjoy a delicious ice cream one last time.

Seeing a Favourite Painting One Last Time

This patient’s simple wish is to see the Rembrandt painting again. Is it an impossible wish?

Another Patient Wants to Watch Dolphins Play

I am sure this man had found peace at last.

To See Grand Daughter’s Wedding /h4> 7-terminally-ill-living-out-final-wishes-7
When our time is up, maybe what we’ll remember most is more mundane — the tacky wallpaper in the house we grew up in, a sunny day spent on the water, or those little everyday moments spent with the people we love the most.

We whole heartedly appreciate the efforts of the Ambulance Wish Foundation. Do you?

All photos @Ambulance Wish Foundation

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